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Wednesday, 6 April 2016

These are a few photos from my Great Aunt Joy's photo albums. I think they date from around 1935-8. The comments in the brackets are mine

Doris & Chummy

Chummy - Age 4 months. (How gorgeous is he?!)

Jean Grimes
Grandma Pyne (Isabella nee Brown)
Grandma (Isabella nee Brown) & Peggy

Grandpa Pyne (Harry)
Uncle Granville (Pyne)

Grandma (Isabella nee Brown) & Grandpa (Harry) Pyne & I (Joy)

Grandma(Isabella nee Brown)  & Grandpa (Harry) Pyne & I (Joy)

Auntie Cissie & Uncle Harold (Pyne)

Grandma(Isabella nee Brown)  & Grandpa (Harry) Pyne

Mother & Daddie (Isabella 'Bella' Pyne & Clarence W.B. Bucknall)

Jean Slater

Jean, Joan, Mabel & I (Joy)

Uncle Harold (Pyne) & Major